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Flash head

With a 17-200mm zoom range, -7 to 90 de­grees of bounce and 180 de­grees of swivel to left and right, the head cov­ers all the an­gles.

Rear panel

The con­trol panel is much more in­tu­itive and log­i­cally laid out than in the pre­ced­ing SB-800, with con­text-sen­si­tive but­tons that work with the il­lu­mi­nated screen.


The SB-900 fea­tures in­frared wire­less master and slave modes, but not the RF (Ra­dio Fre­quency) op­tion of the SB-5000. An ex­ter­nal bat­tery pack can also be con­nected.

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