Make a splash

Cre­ate a stun­ning wa­ter drop shot that isn’t just another drop in the ocean

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The mis­sion

Cap­ture wa­ter drops as they splash into the air


Two hours

Skill level

Be­gin­ner In­ter­me­di­ate Ad­vanced

Kit needed

Flashguns Re­mote re­lease Tri­pod Pipette Dish

Ever won­dered how to cre­ate those wa­ter drops that seem to mag­i­cally hang in mid-air? It’s not Pho­to­shop trick­ery; you just need some sim­ple in­gre­di­ents to con­coct your very own drop shot. The prin­ci­ple is sim­ple; by re­leas­ing a drip into a bowl full of wa­ter you can cre­ate a per­fect spher­i­cal splash with con­cen­tric rip­ples that prop­a­gate out­wards. With the cam­era set to the flash’s sync speed, it’s not the shut­ter that freezes the wa­ter drop but the flash of light. A typ­i­cal burst of flash lasts be­tween 1/30000 and 1/1000 sec, which is much faster than any shut­ter speed.

It’s all in the tim­ing, You’ll need to fire the shut­ter a frac­tion of a sec­ond after re­leas­ing the wa­ter drop. This comes with prac­tice – and luck. You’ll need to set high-speed con­tin­u­ous shoot­ing mode and fire plenty of frames be­fore you get the per­fect shot.

You can get ex­per­i­men­tal with food colour­ing and dif­fer­ent liq­uids, such as oil or milk. But let’s keep things sim­ple and start off with good old H 0… 2

By re­leas­ing a sin­gle drop into a bowl full of wa­ter you can cre­ate a per­fect cir­cu­lar splash with con­cen­tric rip­ples

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