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The Print Space is firmly fo­cused on qual­ity, with nu­mer­ous fine art print op­tions on pre­mium heavy­weight tex­tured pa­pers, and four pa­per choices for more con­ven­tional prints. We went for 246gsm Fuji Crys­tal Ar­chive Gloss pa­per for par­ity with the other test prints.

As the prici­est print here, and with a hefty £5.22 de­liv­ery charge on top, we were ex­pect­ing print­ing per­fec­tion. This isn’t quite the case though: as with most of the other prints, darker shad­ows could use a lit­tle lift to re­veal more de­tail, while over­all sharp­ness isn’t a match for the WhiteWall print. But we can’t fault The Print Space’s colour ac­cu­racy, which re­sulted in a faith­ful re­pro­duc­tion of the blue, green and neu­tral tones of our test im­age.

In fact, the over­all print qual­ity is al­most iden­ti­cal to WhiteWall’s, but The Print Space loses out due to its marginally lower print de­tail, higher costs and slower five-work­ing-day de­liv­ery.

Pros Great colour ac­cu­racy; de­cent de­tail lev­els and con­trast; lots of print op­tions Cons Not quite as sharp as the WhiteWall print, yet costs more We say

There is a lot to like here, but the rather steep price is hard to fully jus­tify Over­all score

Ac­cu­rate colours are The Print Space’s strong suit, with no un­pleas­ant casts vis­i­ble here

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