Metz meca­blitz 52 AF-1 £210/$320

Very Easy to use, but Not the quick­est

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Take a quick glance around the back of this Metz flash­gun and you might think that the con­trol in­ter­face is even more sim­plis­tic than that of the Nissin Di700A. But looks can be de­ceiv­ing, and the lack of but­tons, di­als and gen­eral clut­ter is due to the fact that it boasts a touch-sen­si­tive screen. This makes set­tings and ad­just­ments easy to get at, and in­tu­itive to use, even when dip­ping into ad­vanced set-ups like in­frared com­man­der and slave modes.

Up top, it has a fairly standard zoom range of 24-105mm, along with 0-90 de­gree bounce, but a slightly stunted swivel fa­cil­ity: you get a full 180 de­grees of swivel to the left but only 120 de­grees to the right. As with other sim­i­larly-priced flashguns on test, there’s an Auto FP mode for high-speed sync, but no pro­gram­mable re­peat (stro­bo­scopic) mode.


TTL flash is a lit­tle overex­u­ber­ant and the Metz ben­e­fits from about half a stop of neg­a­tive flash ex­po­sure com­pen­sa­tion. Re­cy­cling speed is a bit slug­gish too.

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