Re­com­pose a shot

Straighten, crop and re­com­pose to in­stantly im­prove a hol­i­day snap

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1 Straighten THE hori­zon

In the Fold­ers win­dow, browse to our sup­plied file crop_s­tart.NEF. Grab the Straighten tool from the tool­bar. Draw a line that fol­lows the an­gle of the hori­zon. The tool will mea­sure the an­gle of tilt and au­to­mat­i­cally ro­tate the shot to cre­ate a per­fectly hor­i­zon­tal hori­zon line.

2 Set THE As pect Ra­tio

Click the Crop tool icon. A Crop prop­er­ties box will open. Set the As­pect Ra­tio drop-down menu to Photo Ra­tio. This en­sures that the shape of the cropped photo will match the shape of other pho­tos from your shoot. Click-and-drag the cur­sor to draw a crop over­lay grid on the shot.

3 Re­com­pose the im­age

Drag the over­lay’s cor­ner han­dles to tighten the com­po­si­tion and lose the sen­sor spot. Drag in­side the over­lay to re­po­si­tion it with­out re­siz­ing. Use the over­lay’s grid to place the girl in the cen­tre of the frame for a more bal­anced com­po­si­tion. The darker ar­eas out­side the grid will be re­moved.


When you’re happy with the crop click Ap­ply Ra­tio in the Crop Prop­er­ties box. The greyed-out ar­eas around the edge will dis­ap­pear, leav­ing you a re­com­posed im­age. As crop­ping is a non-de­struc­tive process, you can click the Crop tool icon at any time to fine-tune the crop.

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