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Cut down to size

I was just flick­ing through N-Photo is­sue 72 and was drawn to the Q&A about a rec­om­mended fil­ter set for the Sigma 10-20mm f/3.5 lens. Hav­ing just bought the lens and hav­ing traded in my old Sigma 10-20mm f/4-5.6 I was a lit­tle dis­mayed to read that my Cokin P-Se­ries fil­ters would not work with my new toy! I didn’t want to throw down lots of money on a new set, so I de­cided to ex­per­i­ment a lit­tle. When I first bought my Cokin P-se­ries starter kit I also bought a set of ring adap­tors to fit my var­i­ous lenses. In­cluded in the set is an 82mm adap­tor which I duly fit­ted to my P-se­ries adap­tor and 10-20mm lens. I found that I could get down to about 13mm be­fore see­ing the edge of the fil­ter adap­tor, so not great but ac­cept­able.

How­ever I read some­where, years ago, about cut­ting down the P-se­ries adap­tor to one slot, which I did in about five min­utes with a ju­nior hack­saw. I then re-as­sem­bled the adap­tors and at­tached it to the lens and found I could use it at 10mm with only mi­nor vi­gnetting in the cor­ners, or 11mm with no vi­gnetting at all. I’d have to live with only be­ing able to use one fil­ter with this set-up, but it doesn’t seem out of the ques­tion. So be­fore ev­ery­one in­vests in a new fil­ter sys­tem, try this, it may save you some money and re­duce the amount of kit you have to carry around. Gary Hol­ford, vi­ae­mail A DI Y work­around is al­ways wel­come in N-Photo. Hats off to your in­no­va­tion, and we hope it helps you in the search for more ex­cel­lent shots!

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