Ex­pert in­sight Reading the his­togram

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Car­men says… There’s no one per­fect his­togram shape; it largely de­pends on what you’re pho­tograph­ing. How­ever, there is a way to po­si­tion the his­togram per­fectly – and that’s to ‘ex­pose to the right’. If there’s a lot of sky in the shot, ex­pect a steep curve to the right. The trick is to en­sure that this peak is to­wards the right for a nice bright ex­po­sure, but not bunched at the ex­treme right as this in­di­cates that tones will be clipped to pure white and hold no de­tail. If the his­togram is clipped to the left too, then shad­ows have fallen to pure black, and you’ll need lengthen the ex­po­sure time to rein shadow de­tail back in.

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