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1 Ban­ish back­ground shad­ows Neil got Court­ney to sit on the right-hand side of the sofa, but then pulled it out about five feet from the wall as he knew that the key light, po­si­tioned cam­era-right, would oth­er­wise cast an un­wanted shadow slap-bang in the mid­dle of the frame. 3 Set up the key light Neil put an SB-5000 in the Joe McNally Ezy­box and placed it cam­era-right at a 45 de­gree an­gle point­ing to­wards Court­ney. This was used as the ‘key’ light (the main light source and the bright­est of all three lights) set to TTL mode so the cam­era au­to­mat­i­cally set its power. 5 Set up your gobo Ja­son aimed a third Speed­light (set at 1/16 power) at the wall and placed the gobo he’d made ear­lier over the front. You could just tape it here and walk away, but to fine tune the shape of the logo Ja­son tilted it slightly so the N didn’t spread along the wall too far. 2 Set the aper­ture Neil knew that he wanted his aper­ture to be at f/8 be­cause, at 35mm, it keeps Court­ney nice and sharp. Shut­ter speed was set at 1/200 sec to sync with the lights and it was fast enough to oc­clude the tung­sten lights in the room. ISO200 kept noise to a min­i­mum. 4 Add a fill light After tak­ing a test shot Neil no­ticed that Court­ney’s legs were fall­ing into shadow. So he placed an­other SB-5000 cam­era-left aim­ing across her legs and the sofa to give di­men­sion­al­ity to her shape. He placed this on manual at 1/16 power from the flash con­trol menu on the D5. 6 Pose your sub­ject After the lights were po­si­tioned and bal­anced, and the set­tings were di­alled in to the D5, all Neil had to do was get Court­ney to try a va­ri­ety of poses. This is the fun part – you get to play with body shapes and eye con­tact. If you have props now’s the time to use them.

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