Five things to look out for

With these tips you’ll be able to ban­ish dust quickly, ef­fec­tively and safely

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Wet or dry?

Care­fully us­ing spe­cially de­signed swabs and so­lu­tion will re­move most gunk from your sen­sor, whilst a sim­ple air blower puffs dust away for a quick clean.

The per­fect view

A kit with a loupe and light will re­ally help you see where ex­actly needs clean­ing. Some in­ge­nious de­signs also al­low you to clean while the loupe rests on the lens mount.

Plan­ning ahead

A ba­sic blower will never run out of puff, but if you plump for a wet clean­ing kit, the in­cluded swabs and so­lu­tion will only go so far. Make sure that re­place­ment sup­plies are read­ily avail­able and don’t cost a for­tune.

Fit for pur­pose

Cam­era sen­sors are del­i­cate de­vices, so only use swabs and so­lu­tion specif­i­cally de­signed for clean­ing imag­ing sen­sors.

Less is more

Squeezy blow­ers may be safe for a sen­sor, but don’t be tempted to up the ante with a com­pressed air can­is­ter. Their high pres­sure and freez­ing pro­pel­lant can cause se­ri­ous dam­age.

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