Delkin Sen­sorS­cope Travel Kit

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£80/ $90


Delkin’s kit is equipped to re­move loose par­ti­cles and more stub­born con­tam­i­nants. The Sen­sorBulb blower puffs dust away, al­beit in the same un­con­trolled man­ner as any blower, mean­ing dust can just be blown around the sen­sor, not nec­es­sar­ily off it.

Should this hap­pen, you can al­ways switch to the in­cluded clean­ing swabs and so­lu­tion. You get 15 dou­ble-ended wands and a de­cent sup­ply of streak­free fluid, but the re­sults are mixed. The wands have a ten­dency to sim­ply move some par­ti­cles across the sen­sor, rather than pick­ing them up.

An LED loupe is in­cluded and shines brightly into the cham­ber, but we found the sen­sor sur­face to be slightly out of fo­cus, and there’s no fo­cus ad­just­ment. It doesn’t have a cut-out, ei­ther, so you can’t clean the sen­sor with the loupe in place. A lens cloth and com­pact travel bag com­plete the kit.

Pros Con­tains wet and dry clean­ing tools, plus a loupe

Cons None work par­tic­u­larly well, and the kit isn’t cheap

We say Stacks up well on pa­per, but misses the mark in prac­tice

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