STE P BY STE P / Cre­ate bet­ter-look­ing print­outs

NPhoto - - Nikon Skills -

1 Choose a pro­file In the Li­brary mo­d­ule, open the start file pro­vided for this tu­to­rial in the down­load link (bot­tom). You can let your printer choose a colour pro­file, or let Light­room take con­trol, as we’ll see. Set the Pro­file to Adobe RGB (1998) to make the colours printer-com­pat­i­ble. 2 Choose a tem­plate Click the Print icon in the Mo­d­ule picker. In the Tem­plate browser, choose the (1) 8x10 tem­plate. In Im­age Set­tings, clear Zoom to Fill so that you can see the en­tire photo and avoid crop­ping the edges. Click Page Setup and click the land­scape icon to ro­tate the page. 3 Choose a res­o­lu­tion Tog­gle open the Print Job panel. Leave Print Res­o­lu­tion set to 240 ppi. In­crease Print Sharp­en­ing to Stan­dard to cre­ate a print with more punch. Set Me­dia Type to suit the printer’s pa­per. Tick 16 Bit Out­put if your printer sup­ports this op­tion. 4 Se­lect a printer pro­file To get the printer to man­age the colours, click Printer. Choose Color Match­ing from the drop-down menu to ac­cess a pro­file. If your printer isn’t listed, you can choose Other Pro­files and load in a pro­file that came with your printer. Click OK and se­lect a pro­file. 5 Let Light­room man­age colours If you click Print, the printer will use the pro­file to man­age the photo’s colours. Al­ter­na­tively, click Can­cel and let Light­room man­age the colours. Click the Print Job’s Pro­file drop-down menu and choose one of the pro­files listed, such as Adobe RGB (1998). 6 Make a print ad­just­ment By click­ing Per­cep­tual you force a photo to cor­rect out-of-gamut colours, but this may change other colours in the print. Our file uses print­able colours, so click Rel­a­tive. Boost Bright­ness to make the print’s colours look more like the on-screen colours.

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