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Heavy thun­der­storms had rolled over the sun, cre­at­ing soft shad­ows across the beach. There were still mo­ments when the sun peeked through thin­ner cloud, and this gave me the op­por­tu­nity to fo­cus on the pat­terns in the sand. The soft but still-quite-di­rect sun­light cast softly de­fined shad­ows on the back­side of the rifts. The f/16 aper­ture meant the en­tire scene was sharp, from the fore­ground sand to the very last wooden up­right, and the shut­ter speed at 1/15 sec kept def­i­ni­tion in the thun­der­clouds at the back of the frame. Us­ing the lead­ing lines from the stan­chions and the pat­terns in the sand, I cre­ated two di­ag­o­nal lines, which jux­ta­posed them­selves in the fi­nal shot.

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