If there was ever any doubt that GM was try­ing to glob­al­ize its prod­ucts, the un­veil­ing of the 2017 Corvette Grand Sport in Geneva re­cently should con­firm it. The cars, which are set to go on sale late this year, come fit­ted with the 460hp LT1 en­gine in­stead of the su­per­charged LT4 in the Z06. That means the Grand Sport gets the lower, flat­ter Stingray hood. The weight sav­ings of­fered by this com­bi­na­tion have seen new spring and anti–roll bar com­po­nents de­vel­oped to ac­com­mo­date the lighter nose. To help with the track-friendly-yet-bud­get­con­scious na­ture of the cars, they are fit­ted with the Z06 brakes and a unique Grand Sport wheel de­sign, avail­able in no fewer than five fin­ishes. The vis­ual clues, apart from the wheels, are the hash marks on the front fend­ers, which come in six colours, and the tail lights, which use the Stingray’s red lenses in­stead of the blacked-out Z06’s lights. De­spite hav­ing 190hp less than the ZR1, the cars are re­port­edly al­most as adept on the race­track, and are ca­pa­ble of 0–60mph in 3.6 sec­onds, giv­ing them the po­ten­tial to be­come the most pop­u­lar C7 vari­ant to date.

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