Hi guys, Great mag! As the builder of this shed-built rat rod, here’s my view. The car was built as just a fun car to en­ter in burnout comps. Friends talked me into drag­ging it to the Wa­iau Pa Hop car show. It was amaz­ing to see just how much at­ten­tion it got — let alone a pic in your mag from the event! I be­lieve one of the rea­sons rat rods get so much at­ten­tion is that they look hand­made, and they don’t look like you have to re­mort­gage the house to own one. In that way, they have more in com­mon with the man in the garage with the ‘can do’ at­ti­tude. They see it and say “I could build some­thing like that”. As far as shows go: don’t turn them away; let the pub­lic de­cide if they like them or not — and, at the mo­ment, they like them — a lot! Re­mem­ber: build your car in the style you want to, not the way other peo­ple want you to. Thanks,

Dee Obrien

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