‘IM BOSS’ 1969 Ford Mus­tang


Brett Walker’s Mus­tang con­fused peo­ple. They sim­ply didn’t get it — yet, if he de­buted the car now, a decade and a bit on­wards, they’d see it as a pro-tour­ing mas­ter­piece. IM BOSS was a street-le­gal, race-ready, showqual­ity build, and it was that com­bi­na­tion that peo­ple strug­gled to get their head around back in 2007. It didn’t just have the race look, ei­ther; Brett ac­tu­ally did have it out on the track a few times, but de­cided it was just too good to get wrecked. Although the boot looks some­what like an oil re­fin­ery — at least that’s what we re­ferred to it as in the ar­ti­cle — it was great to see a boot so well de­tailed; some­thing that, even to­day, we don’t see a lot of.

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