John Volle­bregt 2002 Holden VX Com­modore


We kid now that there are more tur­bocharged LS en­gines in Waiuku than any­where else in the coun­try. There’s more than a grain of truth in that joke, though, and one man is to blame for it — John Volle­bregt. His sub­tle HSV-kit­ted VX Com­modore was, and still is, a wolf in sheep’s cloth­ing, hav­ing come tan­ta­lis­ingly close to be­com­ing the first 10-sec­ond LS engine in the coun­try thanks to a big turbo — and plenty of self-tun­ing and tin­ker­ing. Nowa­days, ev­ery­one knows that throw­ing a turbo on an LS engine is the best way to make big power, but few will know that John did it be­fore any­one else.

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