Braden Smith ‘HAUNT U’ 2016 Holden VF Com­modore


Skid cars are skid cars, right? Well, not when they’re pur­pose­built with blown methanol-drink­ing big blocks. No stranger to the burnout scene, hav­ing skid­ded his street cars over the years, Braden Smith took the bold move to build an elite-level Aussie-style burnout ma­chine far above and be­yond what the lo­cal tyre-fry­ers had. The car’s stun­ning looks be­lie the fact that it was thrown to­gether in a re­mark­ably short time — so short, in fact, that it only man­aged one test hit on lo­cal soil be­fore be­ing shipped off to Aus­tralia, where it did New Zealand proud at both Tread Ceme­tery and Sum­mer­nats. It may not have been the first methanol burnout car, but it was cer­tainly the first to be pur­pose-built at this level.

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