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You must have a pretty cool job — do you just get to go around check­ing out cars all day?” is one of my “If I had a dol­lar ev­ery time …” state­ments. The an­swer is al­ways, “Yeah, she’s pretty cool,” be­cause it’s eas­ier than the truth, which is, “Yes, and no.” My life is spent in the of­fice, be­hind a screen, try­ing to do my bit to make this the best damn magazine we can make it. I know Todd’s said it be­fore, but, con­sid­er­ing the tiny team we have at our dis­posal, I reckon we do all right. As Todd also said in his editorial a few pages back, we couldn’t pos­si­bly do it with­out the team we have — the real he­roes who slog it out with­out the recog­ni­tion that comes with a page like this in each is­sue. It’s a dig­i­tal age we live in, with email, cell phones, and so­cial me­dia tak­ing the place of di­rect in­ter­ac­tion, and what we do at NZV8 cer­tainly isn’t ex­empt — not in the way we are able to source in­for­ma­tion, any­way. When it’s just as easy, and far quicker, to get in­for­ma­tion on a fea­ture car via an elec­tronic chan­nel, it frees up a lot of time — some­thing that’s ex­tremely valu­able in this dead­line-driven in­dus­try. On the flip­side, those oc­ca­sions on which I do get out of the of­fice to at­tend a fea­ture car shoot al­ways stick out as be­ing mem­o­rable, spe­cial oc­ca­sions — some­thing that we try to en­sure they are for the fea­ture car owner, too. One such mo­ment would ap­ply to Jim McIn­doe’s ‘BAD440’ Cuda on the cover of this is­sue. Adam and I cruised over to Te Kuiti for the photo shoot, and Jim and Deb made it a good one. Lunch was brought to the shoot lo­ca­tion, and the King Coun­try weather gods even de­cided to pull the rain back in favour of some sun — it was an awe­some day, topped off with a few burnouts for the awe­some shot you see on the cover. Mo­ments like that are so re­ward­ing be­cause they don’t hap­pen ev­ery day for me — I’m not over the buzz I get from be­ing out of the of­fice and spend­ing a few hours with cool cars and neat peo­ple. It makes all of the dead­line stress, writer’s block pres­sure, and miss­ing week­ends worth it — just the small price we pay to make this magazine as good as we pos­si­bly can. Todd, I my­self, and the team have all tried re­ally, re­ally hard to make this is­sue a good one. Af­ter all, hit­ting 150 is­sues is a bit of a mile­stone — one that hap­pens to co­in­cide with this be­ing my third an­niver­sary is­sue of NZV8 since com­ing on board in Septem­ber 2014. It’s been a hell of a ride, and it isn’t slow­ing down. Thanks to the team — es­pe­cially Todd, Adam, Mark, Rod, and Shane in this is­sue — for all your work, and, most im­por­tantly, thanks to all of you read­ers who keep fork­ing out your hard-earned so we can keep on do­ing this. Your con­tin­ued sup­port means the world.

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