Hi Steven, that’s a tough Crew­man you’ve got. Why’d you go for it? Thanks. I wanted some­thing dif­fer­ent. I was brought up in a V8 Holden home — Mum and Dad al­ways had V8 Hold­ens, like the good old fac­tory 308 HQ. In 1979, Dad bought his first brand-new Com­modore — an SL/E with a fac­tory 308. When the VZ Crew­man was re­leased in 2004, there was some­thing about it that I loved, as a four-door V8pow­ered ute, and I just wanted one. Hav­ing been a builder — al­though I don’t work as one now — I’ve al­ways liked the idea of a prac­ti­cal ute like this, and, with it be­ing a V8, who wouldn’t?

Did you buy this one back then, or was it a more re­cent ac­qui­si­tion? Oh, I got this one a cou­ple of years ago. I spot­ted it for sale at one of the deal­er­ships, and went in to have a look. I didn’t in­tend to buy it, but, an hour later, it had found a new home with me.

Meant to be, huh? Yeah, I’d had a look at a few, but they were all wrecked and had had a hard life. This one was in mint con­di­tion and stock stan­dard, with an LS1, four-speed auto, and LSD. After I’d bought it, I found out that I knew the me­chanic who had done all the work on it pre­vi­ously — Wayne at ProTune Au­to­mo­tive. Since then, he has done all the tun­ing on it, via Chris at Pro-Street Per­for­mance.

Sounds like the per­fect blank can­vas. Ob­vi­ously, it didn’t stay stock for long? Nah, I hadn’t owned it for too long be­fore I got a low­er­ing kit in­stalled. I drove it around for about a month, but the kit didn’t re­ally work. I took it to Chris at Pro-Street Per­for­mance to sort out, and it’s ac­tu­ally been raised to stop the drive­shaft from rub­bing on the fuel tank — these utes were built to carry heavy loads not as hot rods. That was maybe a year ago, and Chris has sorted the sus­pen­sion out. It’s been raised a lit­tle more to make the ride bet­ter, but it’s still got the nice low­ered look that any Holden ute should have — and, of course, that ex­haust is mu­sic to the ears!

It sounds re­ally an­gry for what it is, so our guess is that it’s now had more than just ex­haust work done to it? Oh yeah; about seven months ago, it went back to Chris. He in­stalled the big cam pack­age with a few goodies, did even more work to the ex­haust, and in­stalled an over-the-ra­di­a­tor [OTR] in­take and a set of Gilmer belt drive pul­leys. It’s had the head­ers done, and a full re­tune by Wayne.

That’s a pretty de­cent up­grade. What was done to get the ex­haust tone it’s got now? It’s now run­ning Pace­maker head­ers, with a Coby ex­haust. The over­all sys­tem was changed around five times be­fore we got an ex­haust tone we were happy with. Be­cause it’s a Crew­man, we had to try

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