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I’m the first to ad­mit that we’ve made some mis­takes over the years, and, while the odd per­son may get the dag­gers out for it, it’s only hu­man na­ture. Last is­sue, though, we had a real doozy, a new high score in the mis­takes depart­ment — although, when you re­al­ize the rea­son the mis­take was made, and how it hap­pened, it’s un­der­stand­able. That mis­take was when we said in our ar­ti­cle on Kiwi car­build­ing leg­end Tom Mor­land that he’d passed away in 2015. Hav­ing spo­ken to the man on the phone a day af­ter the is­sue came out, I can con­firm that he’s alive and kick­ing. While I’m stoked that he’s alive, I’m equally stoked that he was piss­ing him­self laugh­ing about it, as was the rest of his fam­ily. He took my apol­ogy in good humour, see­ing the funny side of it, and un­der­stand­ing how it would have hap­pened. These days, Tom con­fesses that he’s a touch more reclu­sive than he once was. Hence, in our ef­forts to track him down to con­firm he’d passed, we came to a ‘dead end’ — for lack of a bet­ter de­scrip­tion. Ob­vi­ously, we’d not tried hard enough, or looked in the right places, as Tom’s not only still alive, but still play­ing with cars. Although the years of play­ing with fi­bre­glass have taken their toll on him phys­i­cally, Tom’s still in great spir­its and full of per­son­al­ity. Af­ter I had had a good chuckle with both his ex­tended fam­ily and the man him­self, he agreed to let us set the record straight and to share more of his per­sonal sto­ries with us, so I’m look­ing for­ward to be­ing able to bring you round two of his story some­time over the com­ing months. Be­sides the ob­vi­ous feed­back from Tom about still be­ing alive, we had other feed­back on the ar­ti­cle, from peo­ple say­ing they re­mem­ber the cars; had the brochures; or, in one in­stance, still own one of the cars. We’re look­ing for­ward to bring­ing you more on this Kiwi icon and his ma­chines. While I’d love to say that we won’t be mak­ing more mis­takes, I’m not fool­ish enough to promise that — although, all go­ing well, we cer­tainly won’t be knock­ing any­one off be­fore their time. Catch you next month.

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