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Thunderbolt is fi­nally get­ting the love it de­serves from In­tel, who will start in­te­grat­ing Thunderbolt 3 right into its pro­ces­sors. OEMs will no longer need to shell out for an ex­tra chip just to sup­port Thunderbolt. This means if a moth­er­board or lap­top man­u­fac­turer wants to in­clude Thunderbolt 3 sup­port on their prod­uct, all they do is hook a port up to the chipset, in­stead of buy­ing and adding an­other chip just for it. This ef­fec­tively makes Thunderbolt 3 sup­port “free.” In ad­di­tion to this, In­tel is also mak­ing Thunderbolt 3 avail­able on a non-ex­clu­sive, roy­alty-free ba­sis. This al­lows third-party chip mak­ers to make Thunderbolt-com­pat­i­ble chips, low­er­ing the price and plac­ing the stan­dard in more cre­ative pack­ages - so for end de­vices (e.g: ex­ter­nal SSDs, video cap­ture de­vices, dock­ing sta­tions) that want to in­clude Thunderbolt 3 sup­port, do­ing so will be eas­ier and cheaper. Ex­pect to see many more TB3 de­vices around mid-to-late 2018 thanks to this new ap­proach from In­tel.

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