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Devel­oper an­drew ShoUldice pub­lisher finji Due 2018


A beau­ti­ful look­ing Zelda style iso­met­ric ac­tion game star­ring a fox with a sword may sound a lit­tle twee, but every­thing we’ve seen and heard of the game makes Tu­nic one of the most ex­cit­ing in­die games com­ing in 2018. Solo de­vel­oped by a mad Cana­dian, Tu­nic looks to be all about ex­plo­ration and fast paced com­bat, kind of like an 3D iso­met­ric ver­sion of Hy­per Light Drifter. No hint of a story as yet, just that “you wan­der the coun­try­side, you fight mon­sters, you find se­crets.”

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