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There’s one other Deep Shad­ows game like Xenus, It’s called Pre­cur­sors, and it’s a sci-fi ver­sion of the same FPS/RPG open world genre-mash. You can get it on Steam for six bucks. It has the most bizarre re­views… some praise it, but even those who point out that its cutscenes are in Rus­sian with no sub­ti­tles, and it can only be quit us­ing the Task Man­ager, still go to great pains to tell every­one how amaz­ing and unique it is. The best Steam re­view quote? “Even though it’s very un­sta­ble, bro­ken, un­bal­anced and so rough around the edges, it makes those edges prac­ti­cally in­vis­i­ble… it’s a one-of-akind ex­pe­ri­ence that should not be missed.”

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