Heya Guys, re­mem­ber me. Let­ter of the Month from Is­sue #55.

Wanted to drop a line, I’m an ag­ing gamer who’s still kick­ing it. Maybe I should send you a photo for your magazine, I’m still gam­ing on my old sys­tems, still got a C64, Amiga and PC setup in the same room, all work­ing, and used al­most daily, while bang­ing out the lat­est and great­est on the PC and PS4.

I re­cently re­alised how much I missed some of that older stuff, some­thing those young kids won’t know or un­der­stand till they reach my age, or I laugh when they go “oh man, re­mem­ber the PS2, that was ages ago”… pfft, they have NO idea. So dur­ing one rainy Sun­day af­ter­noon I got think­ing, I missed my ZZap64, my CU Amiga and my PC Pow­er­play, all shoved aside be­cause tech­nol­ogy marched on, and mov­ing out of home meant I couldn’t pos­si­bly carry all th­ese books from home to home as I was in the rent cy­cle. But here I am sit­ting in my own house now, so I start­ing look­ing and man­aged to find all but a dozen back is­sues of PC Pow­er­play, bought the lot and bought a 24 month subscription as well. Now I’m part of the so­lu­tion and not the prob­lem I thought…. So I thought I’d say hello again, great to hold a magazine in my hand af­ter all th­ese years and screw any­one who doesn’t agree ha! Cheers to the fu­ture, it looks rosy but also, a nod to the past for help­ing us to get here. Ivan Wheel­wright

Thanks Ivan, nice of you to come back to the warm slightly musty em­brace of PCPP. None of us are re­ally spring chick­ens any­more, with the ma­jor­ity of us be­ing in our 40s and rem­i­nisc­ing about days long past when we would waste way too much work time play­ing Quake 3 Arena, or hav­ing to take screen­shots by ei­ther record­ing footage of games and try­ing to find a non-in­ter­laced frame, or lit­er­ally tak­ing pho­tos of the TV screen. To wel­come you back, have an­other let­ter of the month prize. I was just try­ing to host a game of Dead Be­fore Day­light and I can only get one in four play­ers into the game and I read that the is­sue was “in­ter­net speed”.

And af­ter do­ing some re­search I re­alise that Aus­tralia rates a whop­ping 50th in the world for in­ter­net speeds. Coun­tries such as Bul­garia and Kenya are a lot bet­ter placed in the world of in­ter­net speeds than Aus­tralia. To that I say good luck to them. But I al­ways thought Aus­tralia was the tech coun­try. I al­ways heard from our cor­po­rate me­dia that Aus­tralia loves tech­nol­ogy. Yet 50th in the world? Re­ally! I know the NBN is on its way and so I’ve been hear­ing for years. My area doesn’t get it un­til 2018 and at this mo­ment in time I don’t know any friends who have it.

I just hope it’s a great ser­vice, I’m not hold­ing my breath yet I hope it gives gamers in Aus­tralia the speed and the ser­vice that i feel we have the ca­pa­bil­ity to re­ceive.

Re­gards Mitchell Hall

Hi Mitchell – I wouldn’t hold my breath ei­ther. The hy­brid NBN we are get­ting in Aus­tralia is al­ready out­dated and as a num­ber of peo­ple who have al­ready been hooked up can tes­tify, the speed is of­ten no bet­ter than an ADSL con­nec­tion. Un­for­tu­nately the roll­out has been such a mess that it will be hard for sub­se­quent gov­ern­ments to fix the mess and give us an up to date NBN, as many vot­ers won’t like hav­ing to spend bil­lions more dol­lars to fix some­thing that is al­ready se­ri­ously over bud­get.

We’ll be here, clear­ing kids off our lawn with a rocket launcher.

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