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Ihave never been so in­un­dated with new CPU and GPU ar­chi­tec­tures in my life. AMD has thrown a hand grenade into both the CPU and GPU mar­ket with its Ryzen, Threadripper and now Radeon RX Vega. My god, I swear my hands have half be­come sil­i­con thanks to the amount of bench­mark­ing I’ve had to do in the last few months; it’s sim­ply un­heard of to see so many brand new ar­chi­tec­tures in such a short time.

And what a breath of fresh air it’s been. Now that AMD is tak­ing on – and beat­ing in many re­gards – Intel, we can ex­pect to see new CPU de­signs from the big Blue way be­fore ex­pected. Its new 8th Gen Core CPU was ini­tially only promis­ing 15% bet­ter IPC per core – now they’re claim­ing 30%. See what a lit­tle com­pe­ti­tion can do? On the other hand, while the new Radeon mightn’t be quite as amaz­ing as an­tic­i­pated, it’s still lit a fire un­der Nvidia’s but­tocks, so we can ex­pect their re­sponse sooner than past roadmaps have sug­gested.

And the win­ner in all of this is you – with real com­pe­ti­tion comes cheaper prices, bet­ter per­for­mance and new fea­tures. I’m very keen to start tak­ing a deeper look at DX12 in the near fu­ture, as all of th­ese new prod­ucts rely heav­ily upon its fea­tures, such as multi-core sup­port. Un­til then though, be ready for the in­flux of new prod­ucts to con­tinue. Mean­while, over my test­bench, hov­er­ing I’ll be…

Ben­nett Ring Tech Ed­i­tor

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