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The Omen 600 gam­ing mouse fea­tures ev­ery­thing you would ex­pect from an en­try level gam­ing mouse. It has an op­ti­cal sen­sor ca­pa­ble of far more DPI than most gamers will ever use, tex­tured side grips and six but­tons in a pleas­antly straight­for­ward pack­age. By the time of writ­ing we were not able to con­firm whether or not the op­ti­cal sen­sor is a pro­pri­etary HP de­vel­oped unit or one of the core com­mon sen­sors seen in other mice, but ul­ti­mately that doesn’t mat­ter too much. It’s a good sen­sor that pro­vides all the ac­cu­racy and speed you could want, and the DPI switcher fea­tures 12 lev­els (each of which of course have an as­so­ci­ated colour), rather than the more com­mon four, so there is a lot of pos­si­ble cus­tomi­sa­tion. Speak­ing of which, the mouse also fea­tures three re­mov­able five gram weights if you want to tweak the feel. Oddly, the mouse fea­tures five slots for weights but only comes with three.

The left and right but­tons are firm and of­fer a sat­is­fy­ing click and the two thumb are well sit­u­ated. Like­wise the scroll wheel has some nice re­sis­tance to it. The gen­tle curve of the shell is com­fort­able as well. The only thing that stands against the Omen 600 is that it is a lit­tle too bare bones for the price range. At $89.95, the Omen 600 sits along­side mice with full RGB light­ing, com­pa­ra­ble sen­sors and pro­gram­mable macros, or around $10-$30 more than other bare bones gam­ing mice. DANIEL WILKS

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