HyperX Cloud Al­pha

They’re for your head!

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HyperX, for­merly the pe­riph­eral arm of mem­ory maker Kingston keeps knock­ing it out of the park with each suc­ces­sive head­set. The Cloud Al­pha has more in com­mon with the ex­cel­lent Re­volver head­sets than it does with the Cloud II, as it it strictly a stereo head­set, but rather than sim­ply be­ing a slightly re­designed up­date of the Re­volver, it’s a whole new, ex­tremely com­fort­able, rea­son­ably priced and ex­cel­lent beast. You could think of it as the Re­volver’s lit­tle brother - it doesn’t quite have the fidelity of the Re­volver, but still de­liv­ers some of the best stereo you will get for the price tag.

Rather than the sprung head­strap of the Re­volver, the Al­pha in­stead fea­tures a sin­gle well-padded head­band that sits com­fort­ably on the head but still gives a good clamp to the equally well-padded earcups. In­side the earcups sit the real stars of the show, 50mm dual cham­bered driv­ers that de­liver some ex­tremely crisp and clear sound. The back of the box spiel says that the dual chambers sep­a­rate the mid-high and low fre­quen­cies to cut dis­tor­tion and give a cleaner sound. Af­ter us­ing the head­set for the best part of a month it’s hard to dis­agree. Even in the busiest gam­ing en­vi­ron­ments and mu­sic there was no dis­cernible dis­tor­tion or muddying of sounds.

As with most head­sets, the de­tach­able mic isn’t hugely im­pres­sive but it gets the job done. The long braided cable also fea­tures some sim­ple in­line vol­ume and mic con­trols. If stereo is your bag and you’re on a bud­get, look no fur­ther.

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