No­ble Icon Se­ries Real Leather Gam­ing Chair

It’s for your bum!


Gam­ing chairs con­tinue to the flavour of the month with many lo­cal dis­trib­u­tors, but the fact re­mains… for now, they’re re­ally more or less each alike. They’re ba­si­cally high-end of­fice chairs, with a colour­ful ve­neer to add that sense of ‘gam­ing’ bling. They’re also of­ten very ex­pen­sive, hov­er­ing around the $500 mark for the most part.

So No­ble’s lat­est, which costs nearly $800, re­ally needs to work hard to turn our heads.

Amaz­ingly, it’s done just that, and af­ter a cou­ple of weeks of rest­ing my rather de­mand­ing der­riere (I bet I’m go­ing to re­gret that sen­tence struc­ture) in it, it re­mains my go-to op­tion for sit­ting down. In part, the de­sign’s slightly deeper seat makes it feel much com­fier than many gam­ing chairs – even with­out the in­cluded lum­ber and neck sup­port, it makes an ideal chair not only for gam­ing, but also for long hours of typ­ing. The arms are ad­justable in height, and they’re re­mark­able solid – much more solid, with a push but­ton de­sign to keep every­thing in place. It re­clines, it rolls, it floats up and down… So why is it so ex­pen­sive?

Well, check the prod­uct name again. Un­like most chairs on the mar­ket, this one’s made with real leather. Not only do you get that real leather smell waft­ing around you when­ever you set your duff down, it’s much more com­fort­able than any syn­thetic cov­er­ing, es­pe­cially on warmer days. Is it worth it? Well, only you can judge your butt-com­fort-level, but for us, it’s def­i­nitely a cut above.

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