Step by step how to use canon’s macro lite lens

Canon’s new macro lite lens lights up a tiny seashell in our sim­ple home stu­dio ar­range­ment

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01 Macro set up

Even though this macro lens has Hy­brid IS, we used a tri­pod for per­fectly sharp shots, and also to make it eas­ier to com­pose and make fine ad­just­ments more ac­cu­rately – which you need to do with close-ups. We set up on a ta­ble next to a large win­dow.

04 Light it up

Un­screw the metal cover on the front of the lens to re­veal the Macro Lite. Press the ‘light bulb’ but­ton on the side of the lens to switch on the built-in ring light; this sub­tle light is good for light­ing sub­jects up close, press­ing the but­ton again dims the light.

02 aper­ture set­tings

Shoot­ing in Av mode is best with this lens as you set the aper­ture, while your cam­era can ad­just the shut­ter speed to suit the Macro Lite’s vari­able bright­ness. Depth of field is re­duced up close, so we shot at f/4 for a lit­tle blur to the back of the seashell.

05 bright Light

The Macro Lite’s full beam cre­ates a fairly harsh light, with two thin strips of light ei­ther side of the lens – ideal for close-ups of shiny stuff like jew­ellery if you want to make it sparkle, but a bit too bright for some macro shots, like our seashell.

03 com­pose and ex­pose

Live View is great for com­pos­ing, set­ting your ex­po­sure, and for fo­cus­ing as well. On the 77D we used, we could touch the screen to fo­cus on the part of the shell we wanted. Plus pinch-zoom and swipe to zoom in and re­view im­ages on the LCD.

06 sub­tle side Light

Hold down the light bulb but­ton to switch to one light, which cre­ates a more sub­tle side-light, adding depth with shad­ows while bright­en­ing up darker ar­eas. Press the but­ton again to dim it, and again to switch to the other side light.

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