Step by step bright And beau­ti­ful

See how a few sim­ple changes can bring your pho­tos back from the brink

Photo Plus - - Canon Skills -

01 ad­just the ex­po­sure

Im­port the im­age into Light­room’s De­velop mod­ule. In the Ba­sic panel, up the Ex­po­sure to +2.30 and Con­trast to +21. We also took the Shad­ows and Blacks to +15 and +75 re­spec­tively. Drag the High­lights and Whites slider down to around -70 each. Each im­age will dif­fer, so use your creative judge­ment and the his­togram to de­cide how far to ad­just the val­ues.

02 cor­rect dis­tor­tion

In the Lens Cor­rec­tion drop-down tab, and from the Ba­sic tab, tick En­able Pro­file Cor­rec­tion and Re­move Chro­matic Aber­ra­tion. Light­room will au­to­mat­i­cally match the pro­file of the lens that the shot was taken on. Next, head to the Man­ual tab. Set the Lens Vignetting Amount to +11 and the Mid­point to 50. This will sub­tly brighten up the cor­ners of the im­age.

03 re­duce noise

Noise is in­tro­duced when you boost the ex­po­sure on an un­der­ex­posed im­age. Use the Lu­mi­nance slider (found on the De­tails panel), and ad­just this im­age by mov­ing the slider to +47. You can also use the De­tail slider. We took this up to +24. Zoom in to the im­age as you make these changes – too much noise re­duc­tion can cre­ate an un­nat­u­ral and ‘plas­tic’ re­sult.

04 Sharpen it up

The fi­nal step is to add a lit­tle im­age sharp­en­ing, to coun­ter­act the smooth­ing that comes from the noise re­duc­tion. Sharp­en­ing can also be found in the De­tail panel. Set the Amount to around +70, Ra­dius to 1.0 and De­tail to 25. When you zoom in the im­age will look very grainy, but the re­sult should nev­er­the­less be ac­cept­able when the por­trait is viewed from a dis­tance.

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