Top ten tips For cre­ative Ab­stracts

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1 icm ab­stract im­ages

For ICM (in­ten­tional cam­era move­ment) shots, take your time, ob­serve and re­ally en­gage with your sur­round­ings to cap­ture great im­ages.

2 Pat­terns and tex­tures

Look for pat­terns, tex­tures, reflections and in­ter­play be­tween dif­fer­ent sub­jects. walk around and see how the light catches sub­jects dif­fer­ently.

3 dif­fer­ent sur­faces

Look for sur­face ten­sion and bub­bles in wa­ter, watch how the light plays on the sur­face. need an nd fil­ter to cre­ate a slow-shut­ter blur, or do you want to cap­ture en­ergy with a con­tin­u­ous burst?

4 Shut­ter speeds

Use shut­ter Pri­or­ity (tv mode) un­less you’re very com­fort­able with Man­ual, and start with a shut­ter speed of around 0.3 sec and work from there.

5 More or less blur?

If you need more blur, ei­ther in­crease the speed of your move­ment or use a longer shut­ter speed – and vice versa you want less blur.

6 lens setup

turn off any im­age sta­bi­liza­tion on your lenses and use man­ual fo­cus – you’re in con­trol.

7 Be very open-minded

with the right tech­nique, bub­bles in wa­ter or a bunch of old sticks can make just as great a pic­ture as a beau­ti­ful vista.

8 Types of move­ment

Fol­low sim­i­lar lines to the sub­ject when mov­ing your cam­era for blur – for ex­am­ple, ver­ti­cal for trees or side to side for hori­zons.

9 Soft and flow­ing, or abrupt and choppy

bear in mind that your shut­ter speed de­pends on the speed of the wa­ter and how much you will need to move to cre­ate in­ten­tional blur.

10 Patience leads to per­fect

It can eas­ily take 20-30 at­tempts at do­ing es­sen­tially the same thing to re­ally nail the shot.

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