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Photo Plus - - The Apprentice -

Just be­fore the clouds closed in again, we used this lit­tle out-house in our shot that was po­si­tioned ide­ally to cap­ture the Milky Way stretch­ing ver­ti­cally above. A ver­ti­cal com­po­si­tion en­sured I could in­clude as much of the Milky Way as pos­si­ble. The light­house beam didn’t reach this part but there was still enough light spill to il­lu­mi­nate the out-house. Along with the partly cloudy sky, it meant I needed to shoot at ISO4000 to get as much light as pos­si­ble onto my sen­sor. By the way, the shad­owy form on top of the out-house is a huge fog horn!

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