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Photo Plus - - The Apprentice -

For this shot, the clouds sud­denly cleared and the night sky lit up in an amaz­ing blan­ket of stars. Alyn was very quick to re­act and we raced around get­ting many dif­fer­ent shots from dif­fer­ent an­gles be­fore it clouded over again. With the light­house be­hind us, Alyn in­structed me to shoot in a south­west­erly di­rec­tion for the Milky Way in the sky be­hind. Shoot­ing at 11mm on my full-frame 1D Mk II has al­lowed me to get close but still cap­ture a large slice of the star-lit sky, us­ing the wall on the left as a lead­ing line, and the tower to add con­text and in­ter­est.

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