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01 shoot in raw

Raw gives you an ex­tra safety net in chal­leng­ing, fast-paced con­di­tions like this. With Raw you can al­ter white bal­ance after the fact, and pull greater de­tail out of shad­ows and high­lights, even in seem­ingly dud ex­po­sures.

02 shut­ter speed

Your shut­ter speed needs to be fast enough to cap­ture the ac­tion and move­ment on stage. As a gen­eral rule, try to keep it above 1/200 sec­ond and if your lens has it, turn on image sta­bi­liza­tion.

03 Wide open lens

By shoot­ing with a lens ‘wide open’ you open the aper­ture to its widest set­ting, which is f/1.4 on the 50mm lens here. This al­lows the great­est amount of light through, which helps keep the ISO as low as pos­si­ble.

04 Fo­cus­ing

Fo­cus­ing can be tricky in low light, es­pe­cially when shoot­ing with the lens wide open. Try us­ing back but­ton fo­cus­ing as this keeps the shut­ter but­ton free. Al­ter­na­tively, try fo­cus­ing with Live View, if your cam­era has it.

05 iso per­for­mance

In dim in­te­ri­ors, your ISO is likely to spike be­yond 1600. This leads to in­creased image noise, so it helps if your DSLR is a good low-light per­former. Full-frame cam­eras tend to out­per­form crop sen­sor DSLRS in this de­part­ment.

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