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This shot was a real team ef­fort: Re­becca and I worked to­gether to get the shot, along with Ed re­leas­ing the big Blue Chilean Ea­gle from a great height to fly to­wards a chunk of meat that his han­dler, Ross, placed on a perch at the other end of the stu­dio

– where the lights and back­drop were all po­si­tioned. It took a lot of trial and er­ror to cap­ture the ea­gle’s wings and tail feath­ers spread out be­fore it landed. Al­though not sym­met­ri­cal, I like the shape the wings have cre­ated and the de­tail in the feath­ers. Some cloning and clean­ing up in Pho­to­shop re­moved the perch at the bot­tom of the frame.

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