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The irst of Enve’s game-chang­ing SES generation, launched in 2011, has been re­designed. This new ver­sion is wider (29.75/29mm f/r), has less di fer­en­ti­ated depths (38/42mm in­stead of 35/45mm), gains tube­less com­pat­i­bil­ity and the new moulded brake track irst seen on the 7.8. On Chris King R45 hubs, the rim brake clincher weighs 1,416g. You can up­grade to Enve’s own car­bon hubs, sav­ing 85g in re­turn for more of your sav­ings (£600/$300) and tak­ing the tubu­lar ver­sion (£200/$200 less) down to a claimed 1,271g. Disc-speci ic ver­sions are also avail­able. We’ve al­ready tested this set and found the rim-brak­ing and sta­bil­ity to be ex­cep­tional. They’re fast, too, and op­ti­mised for 25mm tyres. This is a wheel for the moun­tains that won’t hang you out to dry in the val­leys.

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