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Troc­coli with Cut­tle­fish Sauce Troc­coli: pasta made by hand with wa­ter and du­rum wheat flour. Typ­i­cal dish of the coastal vil­lages of the Gargano whose sea is rich in cut­tle­fish, is pre­sented in its most taste­ful and orig­i­nal in the Vi­es­tan tra­di­tion.

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Eat­ing a dish of Troc­coli with Cut­tle­fish sauce is not a habit, but a way to per­pet­u­ate a cul­ture through tra­di­tions, lo­cal cus­toms and tra­di­tions.

Pasta is a story never com­pletely writ­ten, ap­pre­ci­ated as a typ­i­cal ex­am­ple of Mediter­ranean diet, which is lo­cated in Cap­i­tanata - Puglia area, roughly equiv­a­lent to the prov­ince of Fog­gia - the most im­por­tant pro­duc­tion area of the pre­cious as ir­re­place­able raw ma­te­rial: the wheat Hard.


Time: 2 hours

Dif­fi­culty: Medium

Por­tions: for 4 peo­ple

In­gre­di­ents for Troc­coli 200 gr. du­rum wheat flour 200 gr. 00 type flour Wa­ter and salt as re­quired In­gre­di­ents for the sauce 2 half-sized cut­tle­fish

200 gr. home­made dry bread 100 gr. pecorino pugliese 2 eggs

300 gr. peeled toma­toes

2 dl. White wine

1 dl. ex­tra-vir­gin olive oil 1 clove of gar­lic pars­ley and thyme as re­quired


In pre­par­ing the Troc­coli, it works a soft and elas­tic dough, with the re-milled du­rum wheat semolina and wa­ter. Leave to rest for about an hour. Then cut into small pieces, crushed with a spe­cial brass rolling pin and quickly sep­a­rated with your hands, form­ing spaghetti with an ir­reg­u­lar thick­ness.

Pre­pared for squid ragù.

While let­ting the dough dry and spread­ing it on a flour-dusted sur­face, clean and empty the cut­tle­fish, wash­ing them care­fully. Mean­while pre­pare the fill­ing: knead crum­bled bread, eggs, grated pecorino cheese, chopped pars­ley, gar­lic scent and a few leaves of thyme.

Cre­ate a ho­mo­ge­neous prepa­ra­tion and fill the cut­tle­fish by putting the head back in place.

In a shal­low saucepan, brown oil, minced gar­lic; add the cut­tle­fish let­ting it fla­vor for a few min­utes. Wet with white wine and let it evap­o­rate; fi­nally add the peeled toma­toes, ad­just­ing them with wa­ter.

Cook over a low heat for about 30 min­utes and then place the cut­tle­fish in a plate with high edges, sim­i­lar to a bak­ing sheet.

Blow the Troc­coli, pre­vi­ously cooked in boil­ing salted wa­ter, in the sauce.

Ar­range the Troc­coli in the serv­ing dish, with a touch of pars­ley and Pugliese pecorino, at your plea­sure.

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