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The woman in the win­dow seat in a beanie and Uggs? It could be Aus­tralia’s caf­tan queen tak­ing incog­nito to new heights.

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Camilla Franks for­sakes the glitz for a pair of Uggs

How early do you get to the air­port? I al­ways have the best in­ten­tions to ar­rive early but it never works out like that. You’ll of­ten see me power-walk­ing to my gate in a com­plete panic. When pack­ing, do you fold or roll? I tend to shove and run! Are there items that you al­ways take with you? I find in­spi­ra­tion ev­ery­where so I take my cam­era to doc­u­ment ev­ery­thing. Parts of my col­lec­tion – a few caf­tans, nat­u­rally – my favourite Akubra and my work­out gear are al­ways in my suit­case. And I like to have ev­ery­thing printed out. There have been too many times when the di­ary on my phone or iPad has messed up. What do you wear on the plane? Com­fort is key. I’m usu­ally in my Ugg boots and head-to-toe in knits: a jumper, a beanie to hide un­der and a snug­gly pon­cho that I use as my com­fort blan­ket. Would that sur­prise peo­ple? Peo­ple prob­a­bly think I waft onto the plane, cov­ered in crys­tals, with a scarf wrapped around my head and wear­ing Jackie O sun­glasses. That’s not the way I roll. I like to nest on the plane. And how do you do that? I set up my sur­round­ings like a lit­tle sanc­tu­ary. I have my laven­der oil, face mist, head­phones, mag­a­zines, de­sign files and iPad. I re­mind my­self of my dog, Beau, when he’s on my bed – he does all this cir­cle work un­til he’s com­pletely com­fort­able. Do you have an on­board beauty rou­tine? I tend to fill the en­tire cabin with my laven­der face spray. No-one is safe. Aisle or win­dow seat? Win­dow. It’s al­ways spec­tac­u­lar when you look out, like a mov­ing piece of art. What was the last movie you watched midair?

War Dogs. I’m that pas­sen­ger who’s a bit un­aware of her sur­round­ings and doesn’t re­alise she’s gig­gling like a school­girl. Do you read on the plane? I usu­ally take books about the next des­ti­na­tion I’m trav­el­ling to – on the lo­cal tribe, cul­ture, peo­ple, food. I like to delve into the de­tails of a place. Are you more emo­tional when fly­ing? My mind is more play­ful and alert on a flight be­cause I’m forced to sit still, which is some­thing I’m not great at. It’s a nat­u­ral, hu­man thing to be more emo­tional when fly­ing be­cause it takes away all the out­side ac­tiv­ity. What about sleep­ing on long-haul flights? On hol­i­day, I switch off quite eas­ily. If it’s a work trip, though, my mind is usu­ally ac­tive with all the things I want to achieve and the jour­ney that I’m on. I am like a kid at Christ­mas who doesn’t want to go to sleep. Do you ex­pe­ri­ence jet lag? I’m im­mune to it. On the back end of cer­tain big flights, there are some dis­rup­tions where I find my­self up at 3am but I usu­ally get back into my rou­tine pretty quickly. The key to that is book­ing my train­ing for the fol­low­ing morn­ing at a stupid hour to re­set the clock.

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