Qantas - - Mind Games - Com­piled by Hazel Flynn

1. What is the Viet­nam War called in Viet­nam? 2. On what sur­face is ten­nis’s French Open played? 3. What is Span­ish for “the boy”? 4. Which is the largest coun­try in Africa by area? 5. And which is the small­est? 6. What is Ella Yelich-O’Con­nor’s stage name? 7. In car mar­ques, what does MG stand for? 8. What Aus­tralian crea­ture com­mu­ni­cates via a boom­ing noise, which can be heard up to two kilo­me­tres away? 9. Radic­chio (left) is a mem­ber of which ed­i­ble plant fam­ily? 10. What 1980 film in­volved the de­struc­tion of 103 cars, then a world record? 11. Which meat is the most con­sumed (by amount) world­wide? 12. Play­ers from which two po­si­tions make up a rugby union front row? 13. In which city were Arthur Co­nan Doyle, Ron­nie Cor­bett and Tony Blair (right) born? 14. By what name is the United States Bul­lion De­pos­i­tory bet­ter known? 15. What dessert means “cooked cream” in Ital­ian? 16. Which Grammy win­ner’s al­bums in­clude De­fy­ing Grav­ity and Golden Road? 17. What pop­u­lar web­site calls it­self “the front page of the in­ter­net”? 18. To within 15, how many coun­tries don’t re­quire a visa for Aus­tralian trav­ellers? 19. Where in the body is the or­bic­u­laris oculi mus­cle? 20. What is the square root of 625?

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