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Fly­ing with the Qan­tas En­ter­tain­ment App

The Qan­tas En­ter­tain­ment App al­lows you to stream more than 500 hours of movies and TV shows and more than 400 hours of mu­sic and ra­dio to your own de­vice. It’s avail­able on all Qan­tas air­craft ex­cept those with seat-back screens. You can use your own Ap­ple iOS or An­droid de­vice* or a Qan­tas-sup­plied iPad on se­lected air­craft.

Us­ing your own Ap­ple iOS or An­droid de­vice

Down­load the Qan­tas En­ter­tain­ment App (it’s free) to your Ap­ple iOS or An­droid de­vice* from the App Store or Google Play be­fore your flight.

Once on board, get con­nected us­ing the fol­low­ing three steps:

Turn on flight mode En­able wi-fi and con­nect to the net­work: ◖ Qan­tas En­ter­tain­ment ◖ Qan­tas Free Wi-Fi ◖ Q Stream­ing net­work Launch the Qan­tas En­ter­tain­ment App

When can I con­nect to Qan­tas En­ter­tain­ment?

Qan­tas En­ter­tain­ment is avail­able to stream from the mo­ment you board un­til you ar­rive at your des­ti­na­tion. Please en­sure your de­vice is in flight mode with wi-fi en­abled.

Us­ing a Qan­tas-sup­plied iPad

When trav­el­ling on 2-Class B717 and se­lected A330-200 air­craft, iPads are pro­vided for your flight. These will be avail­able in the seat-back pocket when you board the air­craft.

Re­set­ting the Qan­tas iPad

If you’re hav­ing trou­ble con­nect­ing with the Qan­tas-pro­vided de­vice, it can be re­set by press­ing and hold­ing both the power but­ton (on the top of the de­vice) and the home but­ton (the cir­cu­lar but­ton on the front of the de­vice) for 10 sec­onds.

Us­ing the seat-back holder on se­lected A330s

1. Charg­ing cable Con­nect the USB charg­ing out­let when­ever you use the seat-back holder 2. Re­tain­ing tab

3. Head­phone socket Con­nect us­ing the sin­gle-pin op­tion on the Qan­tas-sup­plied head­set or use your own 4. Power but­ton 5. Shelf On se­lected A330-200 air­craft, a de­vice holder is avail­able on the back of the seats in Econ­omy class. To se­cure the de­vice, slide the re­tain­ing tab up and place the de­vice into the shelf; se­cure it in place by low­er­ing the re­tain­ing tab. Front-row seats in Econ­omy have a de­vice holder in­cor­po­rated into the tray ta­ble. Note The use of the seat-back holder is not per­mit­ted dur­ing taxi, take-off and land­ing.

*The Qan­tas En­ter­tain­ment App and the stream­ing sys­tem are com­pat­i­ble with se­lected phones and tablets run­ning Ap­ple iOS 7 and above or An­droid 4.1 and above. Your de­vice will also need to sup­port wi-fi, with the abil­ity to set your de­vice to flight mode. Ap­ple, the Ap­ple logo, iPad, iPhone and iPod touch are trade­marks of Ap­ple Inc., reg­is­tered in the United States and other coun­tries. App Store is a ser­vice mark of Ap­ple Inc. An­droid and Google Play are trade­marks of Google Inc.

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