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1. Peaches, pears, apri­cots, quinces, straw­ber­ries and ap­ples are mem­bers of what plant fam­ily named for a flower? 1 point

2. Which well-known rock band started life as The Quar­ry­men? 1 point

3. True or false: di­a­monds are formed from coal. 1 point

4. Fans of what movie, by go­ing into the woods (and scar­ing away the an­i­mals), are cred­ited with the worst hunt­ing sea­son in Mary­land, US, in 1999-2000? 1 point

5. True or false: Swe­den has had rab­bit show-jump­ing com­pe­ti­tions since the 1970s. 1 point

6. True or false: “Play it again, Sam” is a line spo­ken by Humphrey Bog­art in the movie Casablanca. 1 point

7. How many pan­els com­monly make up a soc­cer ball? 2 points

8. Up un­til the 17th cen­tury, car­rots were gen­er­ally what colour? 1 point

9. Why is a ‘baker’s dozen’ 13 and not 12? 1 point

10. Which Amer­i­can singer was fa­tally shot by his fa­ther in April 1984? 2 points

11. Which sport gave us the ex­pres­sion ‘to win hands down’? 2 points

12. What so­cial ges­ture sig­ni­fies a bind­ing con­tract? 1 point

13. The word ‘canola’ is made up of which two words? 2 points

14. What is the term for a song that gets stuck in your head as if on re­peat? 1 point

15. What is Earth’s most ac­tive vol­cano? 2 points

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