The Great Tweet-off: April Fools’ Edi­tion

Reader's Digest Asia Pacific - - LLT CORE SECTION -

Twit­ter treats April 1 with equal parts be­mused tol­er­ance and out­right de­spair. A sign of our times, per­haps? April Fools’ Day! The one day ma­jor news out­lets will openly lie to you, in­stead of do­ing it se­cretly! @KUMAILN

April Fools’ is the best day to tell some­one you love them for the first time. If it goes badly wrong, at least you have an exit strat­egy. @RADIOEMMET

Tip for April Fools’ Day: don’t be­lieve any­thing you read on the in­ter­net to­day. This also ap­plies to all the other days of the year. @ROHANADYM

Ev­ery April Fools’ Day I play the same prank and buy my­self a gym mem­ber­ship. @JOHNNYMCNULTY

Ugh! I for­got to tell my hus­band that I’m leav­ing him and now I have to wait un­til to­mor­row. @HIREMEIMFUNNY

Ev­ery April Fools’ Day joke I can think of is ac­tu­ally hap­pen­ing. @ALBERTBROOKS

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