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Use a ruler to clean your lou­vres Clean­ing the dusty slats in lou­vred doors and shut­ters can be a real chore. Speed up the job with fab­ric softener and a ruler. Wrap a fab­ric-softener sheet (or a cloth sprayed with fab­ric softener) around a ruler and clean the lou­vres by run­ning this makeshift tool over each slat.

Stained mar­ble table­top? Mar­ble makes a beau­ti­ful bench­top or table­top, but this por­ous stone is a real stain mag­net. To re­move a drink stain, rub a paste of bi­car­bon­ate of soda and equal parts wa­ter and le­mon juice into the area, rinse with wa­ter and wipe dry. To re­move other kinds of mar­ble stains (in­clud­ing scuff marks on a mar­ble floor), shake a good amount of salt over the area. Wet the salt with soured milk for as long as two days, check­ing pe­ri­od­i­cally to see whether the salt–sour milk mix­ture has done its job.

When it has, mop up the salty pud­dle with a sponge.

Vine­gar for vases It’s hard to clean dirty, long-necked vases and bot­tles. Make the task eas­ier by fill­ing the ves­sel with warm wa­ter and an equal amount of vine­gar. Add up to 1 cup (150g) un­cooked rice and shake vig­or­ously. The rice acts as an abra­sive that scrapes the glass clean.

Dust­ing a ceil­ing fan All you need to clean a ceil­ing fan with­out get­ting cov­ered in dust is a lad­der, an old cot­ton sock and a bucket of soapy wa­ter. Stir 1 tea­spoon wash­ing-up liq­uid into 4 litres wa­ter. Dip the sock into the wa­ter and wring it out. Slip the sock over your hand, climb the lad­der and rub your stockinged hand over each blade. Take care to clean the blades on both sides. The dust will be trans­ferred di­rectly to the damp sock, not into the air.

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