Stem cell turns into bil­lions of blood cells

Stem cells can only di­vide a lim­ited num­ber of times, but a new method al­lows them to di­vide in­fin­itely.

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1 Donor do­nates cells A healthy donor do­nates stem cells from his bone mar­row. The stem cells could po­ten­tially de­velop into any type of blood cell, in­clud­ing red blood cells. 2 Cells di­vide Sci­en­tists in­sert spe­cial genes into the stem cells, which freeze the cells at an early stage. At this stage, the stem cells can di­vide al­most in­fin­itely, al­low­ing sci­en­tists to pro­duce plenty of cells. 3 Cells ma­ture Sci­en­tists add sub­stances that make the cells ma­ture into red blood cells. Fi­nally, the com­plete blood cells are ex­tracted via fil­ters and cen­trifu­ga­tion.

Bri­tish sci­en­tists have dis­cov­ered how to masspro­duce red blood cells for "do­nated" blood.

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