Nu­clear Bomb Pul­verises Space Rock

Science Illustrated - - ASTEROIDS -

DE­STRUC­TION At a short no­tice, a nu­clear blast is the most ef­fi­cient weapon against as­ter­oids. Sci­en­tists from the Los Alamos Na­tional Lab­o­ra­tory in the US have cal­cu­lated what would hap­pen, if the Itokawa as­ter­oid were hit by a nu­clear-armed probe.

N U C L E A R WA R H E A D THE NU­CLEAR WARHEAD THE ITOKAWA AS­TER­OID 1 2 is lo­cated at the tip of the probe. The bomb has an ex­plo­sive force of 1 mega­tonne, cor­re­spond­ing to 60+ Hiroshima bombs and enough to de­stroy an as­ter­oid mea­sur­ing about 500 m. was used as a model in a com­puter sim­u­la­tion of what would hap­pen in a nu­clear at­tack on an as­ter­oid. The 535-mlong as­ter­oid would be able to de­stroy a city, if it struck Earth.

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