An ex­pert project for su­pergeeks

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Cos­mic rays sleet through us ev­ery day. You know this. And with this (kinda tricky) ex­per­i­ment, you can see them.

Cut out a piece of felt, which can cover the bot­tom of the ves­sel. Glue the felt to the bot­tom with strong glue. Wet the felt through with iso­propanol. Pour any sur­plus liq­uid onto the bak­ing plate.

Use a large spoon to fill the bowl with dry ice. Make sure that the sur­face is as level as pos­si­ble, and place the bak­ing plate on the dry ice, al­low­ing the ice to ef­fi­ciently cool the plate.

Turn the trans­par­ent ves­sel up­side down and place it on the bak­ing plate. Wait a few min­utes for the dry ice to cool the bak­ing plate and the air in­side the ves­sel.

Switch off the light in the room and use a flash­light to shine light on the ves­sel. Watch the vapour right above the plate. Af­ter a few min­utes, you can see clear traces.

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