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Neu­trino cubes and killer kit­ties.

Neu­tri­nos are some of the most abun­dant ele­men­tary par­ti­cles in the uni­verse, but they are also very dif­fi­cult to de­tect, as they have no mass (or a maybe a strange kind of very small mass, ac­cord­ing to newer the­o­ries). Neu­tri­nos can be cap­tured in large tanks such as the two un­der con­struc­tion at CERN. The cubes will be filled with ar­gon and cooled to -184 °C. These 12 x 12 m tanks are just the fore­run­ners of the more ex­ten­sive ex­per­i­ment called DUNE, which will search for neu­tri­nos in a tanks 20 times big­ger, from 2026.

Photo // Max­im­i­lien Brice

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