Plant Halts Age­ing

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MEDICINE A new ex­per­i­ment proves that we can all add at least 15 years to our lives, if we eat more wasabi.

With 83.7 years, the Ja­panese have the long­est life ex­pectancy in the world. And a new ex­per­i­ment car­ried out by John Hap­per from the Las Ve­gas Medicine In­sti­tute in the US may have re­vealed the rea­son for their longevity.

Hap­per stud­ied nine peo­ple and found out that the cells of the four, who ate a lot of the Ja­panese wasabi plant, showed fewer signs of age­ing than the cells of the test sub­jects, who only con­sumed a lit­tle.

The sensational re­sults, which have just been pub­lished on Hap­per’s web­site, mean that we can add more than 15 years to our lives.

The telom­eres – DNA-se­quences that be­come shorter over time – were 25 % longer in wasabi eaters.

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