Does An An­ti­mat­ter Di­men­sion Ex­ist?

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Big Bang the­ory says equal quan­ti­ties of mat­ter and an­ti­mat­ter were pro­duced, as the uni­verse was born. An­tiatoms have the same char­ac­ter­is­tics as atoms, only with the op­po­site elec­tric charge, hence the name “atomic re­flec­tions”. If mat­ter gets in con­tact with an­ti­mat­ter, the two will in­val­i­date each other.

The mys­tery? Ev­ery­thing that we can ob­serve in the uni­verse seems to be made of mat­ter. An­ti­mat­ter plan­ets, stars, and gal­ax­ies might ex­ist, but most physi­cists be­lieve that there must be a tiny dif­fer­ence, which made an­ti­mat­ter dis­ap­pear in the young uni­verse.

Ac­cord­ing to the­ory, an­ti­mat­ter and mat­ter ought to be each other’s spit­ting im­ages.

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