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Ice­bergs oc­cur all year in the South­ern Ocean off Antarc­tica, in­clud­ing ta­ble- shaped ice­bergs, made by calv­ing from the large ice shelves, which flow from the con­ti­nent onto the ocean. They can be huge – the B-15 ice­berg by the Ross Ice Shelf near Eastern Antarc­tica was some 11,000 km2. In 2000, parts of B-15 broke loose, drift­ing off for sev­eral years. Par­tic­u­larly the B-15A, which NASA sci­en­tists ob­served for years via satel­lite images, was fa­mous. En route, the ice­berg cut off pen­guins’ ac­cess to food in open sea sev­eral times, so for two years, they were forced to mi­grate 180 km for food. In 2005, the ice­berg dis­in­te­grated.

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